Subject: Re: installation on a Qube 2 with 16M RAM
To: Florian Stoehr <>
From: Rowdy <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/15/2005 00:03:16
Florian Stoehr wrote:
> About the memory, I sold mine and put some memory of one of my SGI 
> machines in (this should be 36-bit SIMM), wich ich MUCH cheaper
> on eBay.
> It works perfectly (has someone else also done so)?
> Don't know whether I was lucky here or this always works.
> -Florian

I have read the threads in the newsgroup about people's adventures with 
different memory types.  Much fun was had by all ;-)

I have some 3.3V sticks of memory from an old PowerMac, but they are FPM 
and I gather that is a big NO in a Qube 2.

I carefully extracted the SIMM from my Qube and checked it's memory type:

Part Number = TC5165165BFTS50
Description = Pseudo-Static Dynamic RAM - Hyper Page Mode, Common I/O
Manufacturer = Toshiba
Number of Words = 4M
Bits Per Word = 16
t(acc) Max. (S) = 50n
tW Min (S) = 84n
Output Config = 3-State
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 1.0
Nom. Supp (V) = 3.3
Package = TSOP
Pins = 50
Technology = CMOS

Then I checked the EDO RAM I have lying around (pulled from an old 
Digital server) and it is described as:

Part Number = MT4C4M4E8DJ6
Description = General Purpose Dynamic RAM - EDO Page Mode
Manufacturer = Micron Technology
Number of Words = 4M
Bits Per Word = 4
t(acc) Max. (S) = 60n
tW Min (S) = 105n
Output Config = 3-State
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 1.0
Nom. Supp (V) = 5.0
Package = SOJ-24/26
Pins = 26
Military = N
Technology = CMOS

I inserted 2 sticks of the latter into the Qube, bringing the 
theoretical total up to 32M, rebooted, and so far (nearly 30 minutes 
later) the Qube has been running quite happily.

 From the POST:

  5.Bank 0:.................................16M
  6.Bank 1:.................................0M
  7.Bank 2:.................................16M
  8.Bank 3:.................................0M

 From Linux:

[root@cobalt /root]# cat /proc/meminfo
         total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
Mem:  31727616 22044672  9682944 30621696  1126400  9777152
Swap: 133885952    69632 133816320
MemTotal:     30984 kB
MemFree:       9456 kB
MemShared:    29904 kB
Buffers:       1100 kB
Cached:        9548 kB
SwapTotal:   130748 kB
SwapFree:    130680 kB

I'll not leave it running overnight, but I will leave it on tomorrow 
morning, and if no problems have occurred I might attempt the NetBSD 
install (using the 20050714 restore CD).

For the curious, I searched on the part numbers on the actual memory 
chips on the SIMMs using this facility:

So far they have had all of the chips I have searched in their database :)