Subject: Re: installation on a Qube 2 with 16M RAM
To: None <>
From: Rowdy <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/14/2005 21:06:45
Florian Stoehr wrote:
> With 16 MB RAM, you will have problems with the original bootloader 
> which tries to load the image at address > 16 :-)
> At least I had, although I didn't use the "Restore CD". It was with 2.0, 
> perhaps this issue is already solved by now?
> Perhaps look for "bootloader" in the archives, I don't remember where to 
> get the modified version.
> If you can't find it, get back to me and I'll send you a working copy.
> (Or get more RAM).
> -Florian

Thanx to both that have replied :)

The comments above about the bootloader is what I was thinking of.  I 
have downloaded from somewhere a bootloader for Qubes with 16M memory. 
Comments in there indicate it is "1.6ZG Bootloader".  The bootloader in 
the 20050714 restore CD image I downloaded indicates "3.99.3 Bootloader".

The difference in versions is what made me wonder whether the low-memory 
fix has been assimilated into the more recent bootloader.

In the event that the newer restore CD results in a non-booting system, 
can the older bootloader be simply be used to replace the installed 

I shall also search the archives ...

Getting Qube 2 memory in Australia is, well, an interesting challenge. 
One store in the US that sells the correct RAM actually charges more to 
ship it to Melbourne than the cost of the RAM.  The cost is also a 
little out of my budget at the moment :-/