Subject: Re: Cube as mail server
To: Arne Jensen <>
From: David Albert <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/15/2005 10:01:16
Arne Jensen wrote:

> Iím quit new to the Linux world and certainly not a UNIX nerd but Iím 
> sure itís possibly to use a cube as a mail server Ė just donít know 
> what to do.
> I came across Davide Libenziís XMail witch seems as a god candidate. 
> But I fail to compile it.
> gmake -f Makefile.bsd failed with
> g++ -o bin/MkMachDep MkMachDep.o -lkvm -lcrypt -pthread -lc_r
> ld: cannot find -lc_r
> gmake: *** [bin/MkMachDep] Error 1
> Any one of you experts succeeds running XMail, or any other mail 
> server for that matter - on the little aged and beautiful Cube.
> Thanks!
> Arne
I run postfix (SMTP) and dovecot (IMAP and POP3) on a raq2 using NetBSD 
current and they work beautifully (along with apache, sshd, and lots of 
other servers).