Subject: Re: HFS+ partition
To: Christopher Schultz <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/12/2005 21:51:26
On Aug 12, 2005, at 12:55 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:

> I'm guessing that the HFS+ metadata only gets copied from the source
> file to the destination file by the HFS+ filesystem driver, and only
> when copying between HFS+ filesystems. If you're using SMB, AFS, or  
> NFS,
> then you're going to lose that metadata anyway; your backup software
> needs to be able to store that metadata along with the file's data and
> then restore it for you on demand.

I assume you mean AFP, not AFS.

AFP natively supports resource forks and Finder info.  The AFP server  
side is responsible for emulating them if its backing store does not  
support those capabilities.

In the SMB and NFS case, the Carbon layer on the OS X client side  
would emulate using ._ (AppleDouble) files.

-- thorpej