Subject: Re: Willing to use PF on a Cobalt box...
To: Andy Ruhl <>
From: Vini Engel <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/05/2005 19:28:22
Andy Ruhl said the following on 08/03/2005 09:36 AM:
> I'm using pf on 2.0.2 for i386. It's in pkgsrc and it's an lkm. But I
> don't think you can do lkms on cobalt?
> Anyway, pf is part of the 3.0_BETA distribution. The release of 3.0 is
> fairly imminent I believe. Point being, you don't have to run current
> if you don't want to.
> pf is good. I like it. I'm goign to get to 3.0 as soon as possible on
> my i386 server so I can pf as part of the distro.
> Andy

Thanks for the tips guys!

I have quite a few Cobalt boxes to play with, am starting tomorrow with 
a Qube box. I will report to the list my results.