Subject: Re: Willing to use PF on a Cobalt box...
To: Vini Engel <>
From: Brian McEwen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/02/2005 19:10:55
On Aug 2, 2005, at 6:07 PM, Vini Engel wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am planning to use NetBSD on my Cobalt boxes to build firewalls and
> was wondering if there is anyone using the -current branch on their
> cobalt machines.
> The reason I am asking this is that because I am going to use PF  
> and if
> I am not mistaken PF if not available on NetBSD 2.02 so that I will  
> have
> to update to -current.
> Does anyone know if the -current is stable enough to be deployed?
> I am also looking for docs related to Cobalt and NetBSD so I would
> appreciate if any of you could send me links and/or docs.

I think that a lot of the good stuff (fixes) is possibly in -current  
and perhaps not rolled into the stable branches yet.  From the last I  
had read, anyway.

There are quite a few people here using -current;  I think you'd be  
OK.  Looks like pf is part of the base; it's ready to go on my box,  
anyway, (-current) and I didn't intentionally build it.

There are a couple of walkthru's to doing the netboot install, and  
also some July .iso installers for netbsd-cobalt with -current.   
You'll need a CPU with a supported network card though.  If you have  
a boooting Qube 2, you could follow the walkthru (available from  
serverl I'm sure).

See the July 13th and earlier dates of this list for some threads,  
notably from Andreas Schaefer:

Subject:     Updated RestoreCD (lcd fix, dhclient/missing bpf fix):  
     Date:     July 13, 2005 9:29:07 PM GMT-04:00

There is a new release of the cobalt restore cd available at
Please read file "relnotes.txt" for detailed changes.
   - 2005-07-14   RestoreCD-COBALT-20-20050714-043549.iso.gz

            - /nfsroot/install/scripts/
              The device node created by the install scripts for
              the /dev/lcd does not work.

          The install script now creates the device panel0
          via a call to
                   mknod /dev/panel c 36 0
              and links this device node to /dev/lcd.

                - a new file /etc/rc.local will be copied over by
              the installer. This script will call "/dev/MAKEDEV all"
          when the unit boots for the first time after restoring.
          So all device nodes will be created in the right way.
          After this the file deletes itself.
          Finally it initiates a "shutdown -r now" to happen
          10 seconds later to reboot the machine for changes
          taking affect. (dhclient should get an dhcp lease now).

                - Adjust shutdown script (/etc/rc.shutdown) to output to
                  console and lcd panel. So one can see that the
                  machine is shutting down.

                - removed the original /cobalt-2005.../* files from
                  the iso to shrink image below 100 MB.


as well as some walkthru for post-install setup, from Andreas Fuchs:


I can't vouch for pf though; anyone running it?