Subject: Re: routing issue
To: None <>
From: Aaron Webster <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/26/2005 21:01:14
Thanks for your reply matthew,
This was not the problem however as i had this set in /etc/sysctl.conf.
I have managed to figure out some more to the problem but still find 
myself unable to fix it. The problem is not the routing tables but 
appears to be a NAT issue. I have recompiled the kernel a heap of 
times and still nat will not work. i have made sure anything remotely 
connected to ipnat/filters is turned on in the kernel. When i try to 
start /etc/rc.d/ipnat i get a heap of errors like
/dev/ipnat : open : no such file or directory

I have not found any reference in the pkgsrc tree to ip_filters which 
incorporates ipnat. The ipfilters and ipnat files are in the source 
tree for the kernel build but they dont appear to be setting up on 
the builds. I have found an old copy of ip_filters which states it 
can be installed on netbsd 1.2 but im thinking this will probably be 
to old to run safely under the newer 1.6.2 version that i have 

if theres anyone who knows where to get a new source for the 
ipfilters, another software app to do the same job or how to make the 
one installed working please let me know.



>  > any help to correct this problem is most appreciated.
>sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding =3D 1

>Im having some troubles with routing between the two ethernet ports. 
>I don't think this is a cobalt issue but this is the best list i 
>know of for help with problems.
>The ports are configured as follows
>inet netmask
>inet netmask
>Route show all displays
>destination	gateway	flags
>default	UG
>		link#2	U
>router		mac	UH
>loopback	UGR
>localhost	UH
>		link#1	U
>server		mac	UH
>pc1		mac	UH
>note mac is listed but i have left them out as there numbers are not 
>of importance.
>Now i can see all on both networks from the qube. if i send a 
>request for something outside the local networks it finds it from 
>the qube. now the problem is i cannot see anything on the 10. 
>network or outside (the 10. network has a router to the internet 
>that i must now go through)  from inside the 192 network. eg pc1 
>tries to get web page from and it cannot be found. qube gets 
>the page fine thou.  now there must be a route command that i have 
>managed to miss somewhere along the way but after spending the day 
>googling and reseting the routing tables up i am still without a fix 
>to the problem.
>any help to correct this problem is most appreciated.
>Thanks for your time
>True knowledge lies in knowing how to live.
>        --Baltasar Graci=E1n

True knowledge lies in knowing how to live.
        --Baltasar Graci=E1n