Subject: Re: Kernel compile issues - problems problems!
To: Carsten Pache <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/04/2005 14:40:44
Buttons are controlled by daemon which polls lcd device and evaluates 
button presses. I am not sure if this daemon is working on 2.0 but it 
does work 1.6.2. It is copied on to hard drive during installation.

Indicating of proper power off state could be a problem. It can be done 
by writing in to panel device from the kernel but this is impossible 
without a kernel patch. One option could be is to write a message right 
before shutdown and wait a few seconds after the message appears.
I will look in to this option.

The eth led always worked for me as Andre pointed out. Lucky for me I 
dont have to power off that often.


Carsten Pache wrote:
>>Loading: wd0a:netbsd
>>2065264+244604 [73648+63969]=0x255b5c
>>Starting at 0x80001000
>>....and that's it. The machine boots, I can ssh into it but no console :-(
> The same happens on my Qube. After installing NetBSD 2.0 using the
> restore CD 2.0-1, I get messages and can login to the Qube using a
> serial cable and a terminal program. When I compiled a new kernel
> using Daniel's suggestions, the outpuit on the serial console stops at
> the same point than yours. However, logging in through ssh works.
>>The patch posted by Andreas does indeed work for the lcd, but the buttons
>>don't function... aaargh!!!!
> Yes, the lcd works after Andreas' patch. It would be nice if the
> buttons worked too, but IMHO this is not so important. I am much more
> interested in how to make the lcd show that the Qube can be switched
> off after a shutdown. Currently, the lcd keeps showing the name and ip
> address, but with no output on the serial console, I am never sure if
> the shutdown sequence has completed when I switch off the Qube.