Subject: Re: Kernel compile issues - problems problems!
To: Pete Rushmere <>
From: Carsten Pache <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/04/2005 13:11:52
> Loading: wd0a:netbsd
> 2065264+244604 [73648+63969]=0x255b5c
> Starting at 0x80001000

> ....and that's it. The machine boots, I can ssh into it but no console :-(

The same happens on my Qube. After installing NetBSD 2.0 using the
restore CD 2.0-1, I get messages and can login to the Qube using a
serial cable and a terminal program. When I compiled a new kernel
using Daniel's suggestions, the outpuit on the serial console stops at
the same point than yours. However, logging in through ssh works.

> The patch posted by Andreas does indeed work for the lcd, but the buttons
> don't function... aaargh!!!!

Yes, the lcd works after Andreas' patch. It would be nice if the
buttons worked too, but IMHO this is not so important. I am much more
interested in how to make the lcd show that the Qube can be switched
off after a shutdown. Currently, the lcd keeps showing the name and ip
address, but with no output on the serial console, I am never sure if
the shutdown sequence has completed when I switch off the Qube.