Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD 2.0 - second harddisk affected?
To: <>
From: Michael Bramley <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/30/2005 07:37:12
On 29/3/05 11:49 pm, "Alex Pelts" <> wrote:

> I can't tell you about corruptions because I did not experience them. If
> you are worried about stability of 2.0 you can use 1.6.2 which has been
> very stable for me. I think it was even better than 1.6.1.
> You do not need latest version if you need a stable one. 1.6.2 restore
> cd is also available.
> If you want to operate qube remotely, connect serial cable to another
> computer you can access from outside. This way you can always boot
> different kernel.
> Thanks,
> Alex

Hi Alex

I can't use NetBSD 1.6.2, both packages I want to use.  Wired Server 1.2.5
by Zanka Software & S-HXD complained about p-threads when I compiled them,
from memory I think it was p-thread h, I tried  installing all sorts
p-thread (MIT, un-proven etc) support under 1.6.1 but non of it worked.

I've not tried Wired under NetBSD on the Qube but I think it works as I
tried Wired under NetBSD 2.0 i386 under Virtual PC on my Mac and it worked
fine, only 1 error about p-threads and the author of the SW said it was not
big deal and I could comment it out.

Mick Bramley