Subject: A question for Pete Rushmere
To: None <>
From: Claudio Leiva S <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/29/2005 12:47:27

I'am almost ready to try NetBSD 2.0 v1 in my Qube and I want to know if I 
the steps in your guide are applicable for this instalation too, thanks.

Claudio Leiva
Las Vegas, Nevada

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From: "Michael Bramley" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD 2.0 - second harddisk affected?

> On 29/3/05 9:47 pm, "Alex Pelts" <> wrote:
>> I do not believe second hard disk would be affected. Only first device
>> is mentioned in the install scripts. I would assume it is pretty safe to
>> leave second HD plugged in.
>> As far as OS version goes, you can use 1.6.2 which has been very good to
>> me. I do not experience any corruptions or lockups with any file size.
>> Of course people reported increased performance with 2.0 but with data
>> corruption it does not help much.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
> I've been reading about NetBSD 2 in the mail list for a few weeks now and 
> am
> I bit worried that my attempts next month to resurrect my Qube 2 are going
> to flop.  It seems there are a few problems?
> I've not tried it yet on my machine but I want to use my Qube 2 as an
> Internet file server and BBS (Wired & Hotline S-HXD) for NeXT, SGI & BeOS.
> The file corruption issue you speak of, what exactly are we talking about
> here?, do you mean large file transfers over TCP/IP are affected or are 
> you
> talking about some other file sharing protocol being affected?.
> Please can somebody clarify what file corruptions issues are being
> experienced?.  I borked 1.6.1 on my Qube when I tried to remotely update 
> the
> kernel to V2 (from 5000 miles away Doh!), I'm home again next month and 
> can
> fix the Qube up again however it worries my that maybe it's going to still
> cause me a load of hassle.  I wanted to use the Qube as they're cheap and
> quiet to run and maintain, but this project is not working out thus far.
> Regards
> Mick Bramley