Subject: Re: Cobalt Qube 2 Memory Simms again..
To: Michael Bramley <>
From: Pete Rushmere <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/26/2005 17:29:52
Hi Mick,<br><br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</x-tab>No offence
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</x-tab>I did add
they may not work on everyone's Qube, at the moment, there only seems to
be one buyer interested. If they don't sell I'll maybe put them up for
grabs here for the price of postage! There'll be another 12 pieces
available in the near future, they are coming out of some de-commissioned
equipment at work - I hate throwing stuff away!<br><br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</x-tab>I did a
bit more searching this afternoon and found a few posts (non-Qube
related) that say 5v mem will indeed work at 3.3v with no problem,
however the general opinion seems to be not to mix 5v &amp; 3.3v modules.
I'm assuming the Sun ram would be 3.3v so maybe adding a 5v would not
work, but I'm only guessing here...<br><br>
Kind Regards,<br>
At 16:58 26/03/2005, Michael Bramley wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite class=3Dcite cite><font face=3D"Verdana">Hi
Sorry I didn=92t realise it was your auction, no offence meant.<br><br>
IMHO you did mention in the auction that they are 5v simms, I=92d probably
put a Caveat Emptor in there as an addition, also mention the fact that
they are supposed to use 3.3v and you verified this having measured your
Qube 2 with a volt meter, however that said, they do appear to
The reason 5v simms seem to work is anybody's guess.<br><br>
Mick Bramley<br><br>
<dd>Hi All,<br><br>

<dd>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; OK, I was bored today
anyway :-) I just googled for the pin-out for a 72 pin simm and
dismantled one of the Qube2s. Pin 1 is VSS (Ground) and pin 10 is VCC.
Measuring between these with the Qube2 running gives me a voltage of
3.3v. This now raises two issues - why do 5v simms work and should I pull
the auctions while there is still time?<br><br>

<dd>Kind Regards,<br>


<dd>At 12:21 26/03/2005, Andreas Fuchs wrote:<br>

<dd><font color=3D"#0000FF">Hi<br>
</font><font face=3D"Verdana"><br>
<dd><font color=3D"#0000FF">Pretty shure also we are using 5v Simms in one
Qube2 and three RAQ's without having any problems.<br>

<dd>I'll open the qube tonight to confirm the type of Simm i'm
</font><font face=3D"Verdana"><br>

<dd><font color=3D"#0000FF">Andreas<br>
</font><font face=3D"Verdana"><br>

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<dd>Betreff:</b> Cobalt Qube 2 Memory Simms<br>
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<dd>In my Cobalt Qube 2 I=92ve been using 2 x 72pin EDO 5v Simms for about
7 months with no problems at all, I know they=92re 5v because I got the
Cobalt with little memory in it and had these things lying round out of
an old Mac and put them in it, now I know it=92s supposed to use 3.3v but I
figured that as the Simms are under volted that worst case scenario would
be the Qube would not boot or if it did boot it would probably crash
later on, it does not, it works fine.<br><br>

<dd>I always figured I=92d not bother to mention this as this was maybe a
fluke or something, however some guy is selling a few simms on eBay in
the UK for Raq 2 &amp; Qube 2=92s telling you they are 5v and they work

<dd><a href=3D";category=
1484&amp;amp;item=3D5762306984&amp;amp;rd=3D1" eudora=3D"autourl">&gt;</a>=

<dd>I=92ve just bought a BeBox dual 133 and was going to move the memory out=
 of the Qube 2 into the BeBox and get some more ram for the Qube 64mb now=
 was considering going to 128 (any advantage in doing this?, I only use it=
 as a file server running NetBSD 1.6.1 but I=92m going to 2.0 soon), I was=
 going to try and get some 3.3 EDO 72pin simms but now this fluke of mine=
 and the fact this guy says it works as got me thinking.<br><br>

<dd>Anybody else here using 5v simms in a Qube 2 or a Raq 2?<br><br>

<dd>Do FPM simms work in Qube 2=92s?<br><br>

<dd>I know these questions have been asked before, Yes I=92ve read the=
 manual and the mail list archives &amp; Googled this to death but everybody=
 says 3.3v un-buffered EDO, I=92m 100% using 5v and so is this guy, unless=
 he=92s bulls*&amp;%^ng.<br><br>


<dd>Mick Bramley<br>

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