Subject: Re: Binary packages
To: Justin Newcomer <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/21/2005 08:35:08
I had this question myself - how do I maintain my installation? I think 
at this point I came to the conclusion that maintaining from source is 
the best policy. Qube is not very good at compiling things. It would 
take probably couple of months to do a bulk build. By that time you will 
need to start again because of the different updates.

I use SPECIFIC_PACKAGES and periodically rebuild things that are 
outdated. It takes around 20 hours to rebuild all of the things that are 
used. I don't know if this is the right way but it seems to work for me. 
NetBSD team does not take any packages that were not build by them. I 
think this is the correct policy. Anyone can introduce trojan and with 
so many windows zombie computers I would not be surprised if someone 
tried. Although I think that Qube will not be a primary target :).

Unless you are doing builds in a chroot jail make package and make 
install do almost the same thing. If you are of impatient kind I suggest 
setting up cross build environment on a fast PC. It will take only a few 
hours to setup and you can build very fast.
If someone is willing to provide webspace, I am willing to contribute my 
cpu time as far as compiling goes, and upload the packages.

If anyone knows the correct way to maintain NetBSD install, I would be 
interested to know.


Justin Newcomer wrote:
> As I have now moved to netBSD 2.0 and I am working on getting
> everything compiled so I have a fully functional system again, I
> noticed that...
> There are no pkgsrc binaries for the cobalt port of 2.0
> As sort of a newbie to community based developement...
> how do I / we go about making the packages and submitting them to the
> server so that everyone can make use of the programs more easily.
> (compiling overnight isn't THAT bad, but there have been times when I
> just want to install a binary to test some stuff out but would rather
> not have to wait for my qube to chug through the source code)
> If anyone has any suggested reading, or for those of you out there
> that are now also running 2.0, what can we do to help?
> Is it as simple as compiling all the source code already in pkgsrc,
> and then instead of "make install" doing something basically like
> "make package" (i know thats now how it goes)
> Just some thoughts
> any/all comments welcom