Subject: Binary packages
To: None <>
From: Justin Newcomer <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/20/2005 02:07:10
As I have now moved to netBSD 2.0 and I am working on getting
everything compiled so I have a fully functional system again, I
noticed that...

There are no pkgsrc binaries for the cobalt port of 2.0

As sort of a newbie to community based developement...
how do I / we go about making the packages and submitting them to the
server so that everyone can make use of the programs more easily.

(compiling overnight isn't THAT bad, but there have been times when I
just want to install a binary to test some stuff out but would rather
not have to wait for my qube to chug through the source code)

If anyone has any suggested reading, or for those of you out there
that are now also running 2.0, what can we do to help?

Is it as simple as compiling all the source code already in pkgsrc,
and then instead of "make install" doing something basically like
"make package" (i know thats now how it goes)

Just some thoughts
any/all comments welcom