Subject: Re: Compact Flash
To: Laurens Vets <>
From: Pete Rushmere <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/18/2005 19:15:20

         Pure and simple - no moving parts! I'm already using a laptop=20
drive :-)

Kind Regards,

At 18:20 18/03/2005, Laurens Vets wrote:
>Hey Pete,
>>         I pulled the page for the time being, there are some issues with=
>> "disk" usage etc as flash mem has a finite life of read/write cycles -=20
>> I'm still playing with the idea though....
>Ah ok, I thought I was going blind :)  Yeah indeed flash memory has it's=20
>limitation.  May I ask why you try to use a flash disk?  For heat or noise=
>reasons?  Is a small laptop harddisk too noisy?
>Best regards,
>>Kind Regards,
>>At 14:59 18/03/2005, Laurens Vets wrote:
>>>Hey Pete,
>>>>For anyone interested, my Qube now has a solid state HDD in the form of=
>>>>a compact flash card... Details of how it was done can be found at=20
>>>Well, I cannot find the page where you describe how to it?  Thanks!
>>>>Not too sure why I did it, probably just because I was bored!
>>>>Kind Regards,
>>>>So when someone comes and begs for you to "fix their PC", tell them=20
>>>>it's a =A31,000 flat fee.
>>>>They'll say: "But I can buy another PC for less than that!"
>>>>And you reply: "Excellent! You do that. Now leave me in peace!"
>>>Kind regards,