Subject: compile loop
To: None <>
From: Justin Newcomer <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/18/2005 00:39:22
i have a problem
i have netBSD 2.0 running on my qube and i am trying to get everything
up and running on it

almost all the programs i want require "libtool-base"
but when i try to install it
it gets to this point

cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base/work/libtool-1.5.10; for f in
libtool; do                              /usr/bin/sed   -e
"s,-L/usr/pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base/work/.buildlink/lib,," $f >
$;       if [ -x $f ]; then /bin/chmod +x $; fi;           
/bin/mv -f $ $f;                                   done
=> Unwrapping files-to-be-installed.
cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base/work/libtool-1.5.10 &&  /usr/bin/sed
-e '/^# Whether or not to build static/{n;s/yes/no/;}'  < libtool >
*** Warning: Package version libtool-base-1.5.10nb9
libtool-base-1.5.10nb9 in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base/work
*** Current version libtool-base-1.5.10nb9 in pkgsrc directory
*** Cleaning and rebuilding the newer version of the package...
===> Cleaning for libtool-base-1.5.10nb9
===> *** No /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/pkg-vulnerabilities file found,
===> *** skipping vulnerability checks. To fix, install
===> *** the pkgsrc/security/audit-packages package and run
===> *** '/usr/pkg/sbin/download-vulnerability-list'.
=> Checksum SHA1 OK for libtool-1.5.10.tar.gz.
=> Checksum RMD160 OK for libtool-1.5.10.tar.gz.

and starts all over again
it will do it over and over and over
until i stop it
any ideas?