Subject: Re: still not clear on the bootloader thing
To: Brian <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/11/2005 10:46:01
 > So, I still am not clear when exactly the boot loader changed.

As I understand boot loader changed between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1. 1.6.1 still 
does not have boot loader as a part of the kernel tree but 2.0 does. I 
think 1.6-current should have it but I am still reading about branches 
of NetBSD.

> What I'm not clear on, to which "rescue" CD is he referring?  When did 
> this change really happen?  I had gathered that the netboot CD that 
> Dennis made had this limitation, at least an existing limitation was 
> brought up on the list a few times not that long ago.  I see nothing in 
> the netbsd/cobalt file trees or portion of website with a 
> rescue CD for cobalt/MIPS- since we have no CD-ROM drive, that's not 
> surprising.

Boot loader on 2.0 cd is the same as on 1.6.1 cd. Most of the cd is the 
same except sets.

You can get kernel 2.0 tree and rebuild the boot loader. I was planning 
on doing that later and placing new boot loader on resotre cd.

> I installed 1.6.1 from Dennis' netboot CD. Am I good to build whatever 
> size 2.0 kernel I want, or do I have to grab the new, renamed bootloader 
> from one of the 2.0 netboot CD .iso's. I have unpacked all the 2.0 stuff 
> (I think:) and have no vmlinux.gz in those trees anyway.

Boot loader and vmlinux.gz are on the ext2 partition which is not 
normally mounted. You have to mount it yourself. The whole beauty of the 
boot loader is that it loads kernels from bsd file system. You still 
want to keep few kernels on the Linux file system just in case.

I will soon modify restore cd so you can just boot from it without 
initiating install. In that case you can recover your cobalt should 
something go wrong.