Subject: Re: Restore CD 2.0-1 may still have issue for some install *** Feedback
To: Pete Rushmere <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/10/2005 02:42:54
Pete Rushmere wrote:
> I agree, I did notice this on the console during the install.
> I've taken SCSI support out of the running kernel altogether now....
> Kind Regards,
> Pete.

Here is a propose kernel configuration for the 2.0 Restore CD.

I would appreciate to get dmesg email back to me if you like as I am 
incline to strip a lots more in the:

# IDE and related devices


The chip Cobalt use on the RaQ that I notice anyway so far is:

viaide*  at pci? dev ? function ?   # VIA/AMD/Nvidia IDE controllers

When it is detected properly.

But good amount of dmesg would prove me wrong or right.

The previous 1.6.x didn't have that many device for the cobalt, so it 
was using a generic one if you like.

So, even in the list now in kernel, a bunch could definitely be remove 
and eliminate possible problem as well.

What we want is a restore CD that work and is reliable for all. Then if 
you want to put additional PCI card in it, then up to you to enable what 
you need in kernel and make it work for your needs.

Test have now proved todays discussion on having minimal device to make 
it better on initial install.

In the proposal link above, I note the changes from what it is now to 
what it might be by starting the line with


So, that's easy to find.

Let me know what you think.

Obviously, we could keep all the IDE controller in the list now, but 
it's not like we will change it right? It's on the board and they don't 
make it anymore for a few years, so it will not change.

Lets put the one we need and move one to a good and reliable kernel and 
restore CD.

Feedback appreciated!