Subject: Re: Restore CD 2.0 - new version.
To: Alex Pelts <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2005 22:48:11
Alex Pelts wrote:
> Finally your wait is over! (No one probably waited, but lets be dramatic).
> New and working version of 2.0 restore cd is here. Torrent is up at 
> Thanks to Vadim and Daniel for their help with debugging. This time more 
> people can jump on the torrent as it seems to scale rather well and the 
> more people there are the faster it goes.
> Hopefully we will have better luck with this one.

If anyone have problem getting the torrent version.

You can also get the same files here

It's http download, not torrent, but it's plenty fast!

The server is sitting idle ready for your pick up! (:>

The MD5 is there as well and that have good download capacity.

If need be Vadim and I will make sure to add more. That's not a problem. 
So far the demand wasn't that big, but if it grow, I will install the 
download on very high capacity peering servers!

Look on the site above for additional LINKS, if need be!

Have fun and go get them!

Also provide feedback as well on success install please!

Many thanks to Alex for his work on this!