Subject: Re: 2.0 upgrade
To: Daniel Ouellet <>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2005 20:11:37
On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:25:48 -0500, Daniel Ouellet <> wrote:
> Alex Pelts wrote:
> > I was not planning on recompiling 2.0 kernel mainly because each person
> > has different preferences on how to configure the kernel. My personal
> > preferences is to remove the things I don't use. I can however just make
> > GENERIC+lcd kernel to put on the restore cd.
> > I am planning to release another set with the fix for the MAKEDEV bug as
> > soon as I can find and fix it.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Alex
> I have to say, my person choice is to have the bare minimum to keep it
> stable, clean and secure. Having more stuff not in use only end up
> bitting you in the future.
> I would even remove the SCSI from the GENERIC. I am not sure, but I
> think it's enable by default, I can't remember right now.
> May be what we can/should do is doing what is needed to support only the
> Cobalt hardware, remove all that is not needed, I think Dennis had done
> a good job on that for the first release of the restore CD.
> Then we should put a list of the option we have put in on the web page
> next to the ISO, so that everyone knows what it has.
> Having the LCD in the kernel is a nice thing however as I guess we all
> got to love our Cobalt with the display! (:>
> I am just like you. Less is better! (:>

I had thought that less is better at one point, but since the
bootloader works and you can have a kernel any size, it's not really a
problem. Probably wouldn't hurt at all to submit some kernel conf
files though.

One thing that would be nice is to get some of the more common stuff
into the kernel. I tried to get a USB card working at one point (PCI
card, obviously), but it didn't work...

But maybe this is due to a PCI bus bug?

Anyway, I'm rambling now. It would be really nice to see whatever is
possible to support on PCI and USB, to support it. I kind of agree
that the scsi stuff should probably go away. At least the broken
stuff. If people really want that they should re-compile.