Subject: Re: Samba Performance
To: None <>
From: Carsten Pache <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2005 20:47:06
On Tuesday, March 8, 2005, David Albert <> wrote:

> I have seen very slow samba transfers on my Raq2 and Raq3.  Does anyone know
> why this is?  Carsten reports 2.5kBps (25kbps) below which is extremely bad
> (Carsten, was I reading that correctly?).

Sorry, a mistake of mine! When I wrote "NetBSD 1.6.1: 1.700
kilobytes/sec, NetBSD 2.0: 2.500 kilobytes/sec (using Samba)" I forgot
that "." and "," are interchanged in Germany. So to get the correct
values, just delete the "." and read: "NetBSD 1.6.1: 1700
kilobytes/sec (resp. 1.7 Megabytes/sec), NetBSD 2.0: 2500
kilobytes/sec (resp. 2.5 Megabytes/sec) (using Samba)".

> I get more like 5Mbps on the Raq2, but both are mighty slow for a
> 100-baseT Ethernet connection.


> I am measuring by transferring a large directory and timing the
> there a better way?  Thanks!

I am doing it the same way as you, so our measurements should be