Subject: Re: Mirror of restore CD
To: None <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2005 13:17:56
Thanks to Vadim, Daniel and Marcel there are some good news for a 
change. The problem seems to be in incompatibility between MAKEDEV 
script from 2.0 and mknod utility from 1.6.1 which is on restore cd. I 
will try to replace mknod on restore cd and remake it. I think it should 
run - mknod is statically linked (at least on 1.6.2).

The good news is that 1.6.2 cd should be OK in that regard.
Keep tuned for the news on latest version of restore cd for 2.0.


Daniel Ouellet wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> There is some issues with the 2.0 iso cd that we are trying to work out.
> So, it's not fully working as well as it should. So, be gentle and 
> patient for now!
> Also to everyone that keep asking where it is, or if a new one is coming 
> up.
> Either, you can make one, help, or wait. (:>
> I think there is many people working together right now trying to make 
> this works for all.
> Alex, Vadim, myself and David are looking at what we can do to make this 
> good.
> So, please be patient.
> Also, we did asked to get feedback on it. We say many download, but not 
> much feedback. So, if you want it so badly, then providing a simple 
> feedback would have help a bit too (:>
> There should be new one available soon, so when we release new one, 
> please test them and DO provide feedback. That the less you can do right?
> Thanks!
> Daniel
> PS: May be we should kill the actually download until we have new 
> version coming out as to not spread this one to much?
> PSS: Anyway, stay tune, more to come on this and hopefully, we will have 
> a good one soon...