Subject: Re: 2.0 upgrade
To: Alex Pelts <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2005 14:25:48
Alex Pelts wrote:
> I was not planning on recompiling 2.0 kernel mainly because each person 
> has different preferences on how to configure the kernel. My personal 
> preferences is to remove the things I don't use. I can however just make 
> GENERIC+lcd kernel to put on the restore cd.
> I am planning to release another set with the fix for the MAKEDEV bug as 
> soon as I can find and fix it.
> Thanks,
> Alex

I have to say, my person choice is to have the bare minimum to keep it 
stable, clean and secure. Having more stuff not in use only end up 
bitting you in the future.

I would even remove the SCSI from the GENERIC. I am not sure, but I 
think it's enable by default, I can't remember right now.

May be what we can/should do is doing what is needed to support only the 
Cobalt hardware, remove all that is not needed, I think Dennis had done 
a good job on that for the first release of the restore CD.

Then we should put a list of the option we have put in on the web page 
next to the ISO, so that everyone knows what it has.

Having the LCD in the kernel is a nice thing however as I guess we all 
got to love our Cobalt with the display! (:>

I am just like you. Less is better! (:>