Subject: Re: 1.6.2 and 2.0 restore CDs
To: Alex Pelts <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/04/2005 17:25:47
Alex Pelts wrote:
> Thanks to all, who replied. I need to go to a customer site now, but in 
> the evening I will bring the whole thing online.
> I plan to host http server + torrents. My upstream bandwidth is very 
> limited - 384Kbps so don't expect highs speeds on http downloads. I will 
>  contact people who offered to host the images with url to get them. For 
> the people who wants to keep bittorrent up I will post message in to 
> this ml with the tracker location.

I can put it in a peering location where bandwidth is really not an 
issue what so ever if need be. I don't think it's required, but if so, I 
have no problem doing that. I can put it on my server at home. It's on a 
full T1, so that should really be reliable and allow for good download, 
but if I see the download getting to big, I have no problem making 
multiple copies of it available at multiple locations. I own an ISP on 
the east of the US, so I have the mean to do it.

> For people who is interested image sizes are:
> 93547544 Mar  4 13:38 image-162.iso.gz
> 140666560 Mar  4 14:03 image-20.iso.gz
> Please note that both CDs are untested and someone will need to test 
> them and post a message if they work or not. I would, but I dont have a 
> spare qube or hard drive handy.

Spare RaQ2. Plenty here and I even have one that I am looking at right 
now sitting in the leaving room. (;>

> I have plans to describe the procedure and post it in this ml. It is 
> very simple and if it works anyone would be able to do this.
> Thanks to  everyone participating. And thanks to Dennis Chernoivanov for 
> creating Restore CD in the first place.

You bet! Dennis did a great job to start this and make it easy for 
everyone. You follow in the step to provide great upgrade to it and many 
will appreciate your efforts big time!