Subject: Re: 1.6.2 and 2.0 restore CDs
To: <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/04/2005 14:07:16
Thanks to all, who replied. I need to go to a customer site now, but in 
the evening I will bring the whole thing online.
I plan to host http server + torrents. My upstream bandwidth is very 
limited - 384Kbps so don't expect highs speeds on http downloads. I will 
  contact people who offered to host the images with url to get them. 
For the people who wants to keep bittorrent up I will post message in to 
this ml with the tracker location.

For people who is interested image sizes are:
93547544 Mar  4 13:38 image-162.iso.gz
140666560 Mar  4 14:03 image-20.iso.gz

Please note that both CDs are untested and someone will need to test 
them and post a message if they work or not. I would, but I dont have a 
spare qube or hard drive handy.

I have plans to describe the procedure and post it in this ml. It is 
very simple and if it works anyone would be able to do this.

Thanks to  everyone participating. And thanks to Dennis Chernoivanov for 
creating Restore CD in the first place.


Michael Holzt wrote:
>>I will post another message as soon as I have torrents up, which 
>>probably will be tonight.
> I still have free traffic to burn and would be willing to host the images 
> on one of my dedicated servers.
> Regards
> Michael