Subject: changes to pkgsrc -current; bad for MIPS?
To: None <>
From: Brian <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/12/2005 09:08:22
Hi all;

I've been running 1.6.1 with -current for my pkgsrc since I first 
installed NEtBSD on my Qube 2 via netboot CD.

I updated pkgsrc recently, and updated openssl (which worked, but means 
I have to update 6 or 7 other things that depend on it).

Trouble is, I'm getting strange and not yet resolvable issues...

openssh-3.9.1nb4 for example fails with an assembler error (unknown 
option sw I think it was)
libxml2 won't compile, "compiler unable to make executables"

there's nothing more specific in config.log than what gets written to 

Some things seem OK but anything needing crypto seems to break.  And 
with openSSH failing, I think I'm stuck. is in 
openssh, right?

I had done a pkg_tarup of some of the things on my system to use to go 
back to, but I forgot to do openssl/openssh before I updated the 
openssl and started this mess.

Any known issues for anyone else?