Subject: Boot loader /usr/games/.doug
To: None <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/26/2004 23:25:24
Hi all,

Question on this if I may. The holding down all 4 direction Buttons on =
on will boot the /usr/games/.doug from the ext2 partition.

So far so good, but with the new kernel, the limit of the 1Mb zip, or =
is pass by the new kernel size.

Yes, the boot loader definitely remove these limits by loading the
/altroot/vmlinux.gz boot loader, or other name depending of the RaQ =
and the loading the /netbsd kernel.

But in the case of testing new kernel, etc. The 4 direction Buttons =
will load the old original way and expect the kernel the old way with =
built in limits right? Correct me if I am wrong here, but I really think =

Now, to go around the limits, the boot loader would need to be use, but =
it would look for the same file being the /netbsd right?

The boot loader is not configurable to load something else right?

Or would it be cool or possible to have a version of the boot loader =
at the /usr/games/.doug that would load the kernel /netbsd.doug for =
or what ever other name like netbsd.test or netbsd.alt, or what ever.

This way, the same boot loader that goes around the limits of the =
boot ROM would allow for testing of new kernel on system that do not =
console access or even if you do, just power cycling the cobalt would =
properly with the previous working kernel.

This would allow for testing of temporary kernel somehow better.

Just a thought.

Am I missing something or is that make sense?

I am asking as I did mess a few of my Cobalt a few times already and had =
redo the install with the Boot CD. Not a huge deal mind you! It's so =
anyway, but it would be nice if I could still do my mistake and not have =
re-install from scratch each time.

Thanks for your thoughts.