Subject: Re: Error messages in dmesg (regarding new IDE controller, new IDE drive)
To: port-cobalt <>
From: Carsten Pache <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/16/2004 19:33:40
Hi Pete,

> I had similar messages when I first fitted the Ultra100TX2 card.
> The messages you see are because the the card sees an Ultra/100 drive but
> the driver doesn't support that, so the Qube downgrades the DMA settings to
> make the drive work with the IDE driver. It doesn't seem to cause any
> problems at all, but like you, it annoyed me to start with.

This explains the following messages (at least, to me):

   wd1: transfer error, downgrading to Ultra-DMA mode 2
   wd1(pciide1:0:0): using PIO mode 4, Ultra-DMA mode 2 (Ultra/33) (using DMA data transfers)

...and I can live with that. But THESE messages (immediately following
the messages above) keep me thoughtful:

   wd1d: error reading fsbn 0 (wd1 bn 0; cn 0 tn 0 sn 0), retrying
   wd1: (aborted command, interface CRC error)
   wd1: soft error (corrected)

When these messages appear, the DMA settings should (as I understand
it) have been changed already. So there SHOULD be no errors anymore.

> The easiest fix I found was to connect the drives to the card with a
> 40 pin cable, that way the card and drives can't negotioate a higher
> DMA setting than Ultra/33 and the errors disappear...

That sounds like a possible solution, but if there are no more
problems than those during the boot phase, then I will not change