Subject: AW: Qube 2700 & Patched Rescue Disk ISO
To: 'Lucien Wells' <>
From: Axel Morhenn <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/02/2004 10:18:13
Hi Lucien,

Additional, i gave the links to ingo too, he will now also re-publish =
I hope the image and aditional kernel-files/configs for own
netboot-enviroments will now be online soon.

In the Kernel, i added EX as device-driver; as far as i know all
3Com/Vortex-Cards e.g. 3C905xxx and 3C59xxx should work. I did testing =
3c905B and 3c905C. Ray Dekens from this list did testing too; but i =
remember with what type of 3Com-Cards. Maybe he is still on the list and
could write it here( huhu Ray :) ).

Hope it will work for u, too=20

So long,


P.s.: sorry for my late reaction on your questions earlyer this year; at =
moment i am using my Raqs (1&2) and one Qube2-systems with debian-woody =
sarge; thefore qube2700-NetBSD has not the priority for me at the moment =

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Von: Lucien Wells []=20
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. September 2004 05:23
Betreff: Re: Qube 2700 & Patched Rescue Disk ISO

Axel, Chris, et al,
Any update on this? I can probably find some storage space to host the =
least for awhile.

Axel: What 3Com NICs are supported by the kernel you have?


Lucien Wells, on 2/09/2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 15:01:13 +0200, Axel Morhenn wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> It was me who build the Qube2700-Rescue-ISO with 3Com-Nic. The ISO
> is based on a 1.6.1 NETBSD with Kernel 1.6.2-RC3 and it works
> perfect for me.
> I can give u a link to download the ISO and the stand-alone-kernel
> for publishing.
> As i found out later in my testings, there is a cron-job on the
> normal NetBSD which will freeze the Qube nightly cause of an bug in
> the FDSIK-Tool. You have to deactivate this cronjob to get the Qube
> stable ;)
> Regards,
> Axel
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> Gesendet: Freitag, 27. August 2004 00:27 An:
> Betreff: Qube 2700 & Patched Rescue Disk ISO
> On several diffrent occasions people have asked about the Qube 2700
> and if it is compatible. Last I heard there was a modified rescue
> disk floating around that patched the Qube 2700 to use a third
> party ethernet card because of some sort of incompatibility with
> the onboard tulip ethernet. There was also a set of instructions on
> how to do this. I am not volunteering to host this iso if anyone
> has it. Please email me and we can figure out how to get this done.
> Chris