Subject: Re[3]: Installation on 2.5'' disk fails
To: Pete Rushmere <>
From: Carsten Pache <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/21/2004 20:21:10

this is not a stupid question. I supposed the same, but how do I know
if the Qube sees the i386 machine?

They are connected through a cross-over cable. The cable is plugged
into the primary network port of the Qube. When I switch on the
Qube (while pressing the left-right-keys) the green LED shines
permanently, but the yellow LED just flashes shortly about every 5
seconds - not a constant flicker that is normally indicating some
network traffic.

I could also connect both the i386 machine and the Qube to a router,
but the router has a DHCP server itself and I worry that the Qube will
fetch its IP address from the router, not the i386 machine.

The network card (Realtek) is still the same.

If there is no other chance, I will try a net install on another drive
to see if the i386 machine can be seen by the Qube.


P> Carsten,

P>          I know this is a stupid question, but is the Qube actually seeing
P> your i386 machine - it looks like it can't find anywhere to boot from and
P> is falling back to the local drive. It then panics because it can't find a
P> kernel there either..

P>          Have you changed network cards or anything like that?

P>          Can you do a net install to one of your other drives?

P> Regards,
P> Pete.

P> At 15:15 21/07/2004, you wrote:
>> >> Maybe I should try the following:
>> >>
>> >> - Connect the 2.5" drive to the Promise card
>> >> - Install NetBSD on it (via netboot)
>> >> - Remove the 2.5" drive from the Promise card
>> >> - Connect the 2.5" drive to the onboard IDE
>>P> Sounds like a strange one  - let me know what happens when you try the
>>P> above...
>>By now I tried it - no success (same messages) :-(
>>Would it be possible to
>>- boot from the already installed 3.5" drive,
>>- create partitions on the 2.5" drive (using the partitioning scheme of
>>the 3.5" drive as an example),
>>- copy everything from the 3.5" drive to the 2.5" one and
>>- replace the 3.5" drive with the 2.5" drive?