Subject: Re: New to Qube and NetBSD --- A couple of questions...
To: Randy Just <>
From: Dale P. Smith <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/19/2004 11:17:34
Randy Just <> writes:

> 2) I would like to turn the Qube into a MP3 jukebox.  The problem I
> have been spending too much time on is trying to get a sound card to
> work.  I have one with the C-Media CMI8x38 chipset that is supported
> when I look at the NetBSD page.  Inserting this card into the Qube
> shows it is recognized by dmesg.  Looking at the GENERIC kernel
> options, "cmpci" isn't available as a sound card type.  However, there
> are six others there.  My assumption is if they are listed there, then
> they are supported by the Qube.  Some of the sound cards listed there
> can be obtained for under $20, so no big deal.
>  However, I have uncommented some of them (Cirrus Logic CS4280 and
> Ensoniq Audio PCI) to try and compile the kernel to see if there are
> problems.  The kernel won't compile when I uncomment one of the
> expected to be supported sound cards.
> Are any sound cards supported on the Qube with NetBSD?  And if so,
> which one works and what do I need to do to get it up and running in
> the world of NetBSD?

I wanted to do somethign similar.  I haven't touched my box in a while
(4 months or so) and my memory is a bit dim.  I *was* able to add a
soundcard and actually used it to play some mp3s and some streamed

It had a very very nasty problem of "stuttering".  Like each dma
buffer was being sent twice or something.  Very very annoying.

I can't remember the exact soundcard, but I'm pretty sure it was by
Creative.  Maybe an Ensoniq or something.  If I can remember, I'll
take a look when I get home.

It wasn't that hard to add the driver, but it wasn't obvious either.
That's because I'm still fairly new to netbsd.


Dale P. Smith
dsmith at actron dot com