Subject: New to Qube and NetBSD --- A couple of questions...
To: None <port-cobalt@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Randy Just <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/19/2004 06:52:45
Hello there.  I just recently installed NetBSD 1.6.1 onto my little Qube
box.  I replaced the original drive with a 160GB one.  The box has 64MB
of RAM.  Not all of the RAM in the world, but enough to do something
useful I suppose.

The installation went flawlessly from the cool CD set-up for this purpose.
This is
a fun little box to play with and I am looking forward to making the little
guy do
something useful.

Now for a couple of questions.  The first one is probably a basic bonehead
one and the second one I hope someone can provide an affirmative answer
on how to get the desired results.

1) Networking is up and running.  It seems everything is geared around DHCP
with the initial installation.  I want to set-up a static IP address for
the box.  I
can get things up and running by issuing the following commands after I login:

# ifconfig tlp0 netmask
# route add default

The DNS servers have been set-up, so after I issue the above commands, my
little Qube
is talking to the Internet.  Now for the question.

When I reboot the computer, I loose the settings and need to reissue the
above two lines.  What files do I need to edit so everything is working
after the
Qube is rebooted?

2) I would like to turn the Qube into a MP3 jukebox.  The problem I have
been spending
too much time on is trying to get a sound card to work.  I have one with
the C-Media
CMI8x38 chipset that is supported when I look at the NetBSD page.
Inserting this card
into the Qube shows it is recognized by dmesg.  Looking at the GENERIC
kernel options,
"cmpci" isn't available as a sound card type.  However, there are six
others there.  My
assumption is if they are listed there, then they are supported by the
Qube.  Some of
the sound cards listed there can be obtained for under $20, so no big deal.
I have uncommented some of them (Cirrus Logic CS4280 and Ensoniq Audio PCI)
to try
and compile the kernel to see if there are problems.  The kernel won't
compile when I
uncomment one of the expected to be supported sound cards.

Are any sound cards supported on the Qube with NetBSD?  And if so, which
one works and what do
I need to do to get it up and running in the world of NetBSD?

3) I edited passwd to load a different shell (bash) for users.  However,
when logging back
into the box, it doesn't seem to read the passwd file.  Probably a very
easy question, but
what is the process to get another shell loaded at login time?

Much thanks for any assistance.

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