Subject: LKM on Cobalt Qube2 Not enough room for program headers
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From: Jowell, Chris {GGRP~Graz} <chris.jowell@Roche.COM>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/19/2004 13:51:21

I'm trying to get loadable kernel modules working for the Cobalt Qube2
(MIPS) port.

I've run into the problem that the /dev/lkm is not made. (solved!)

Also /dev/MAKEDEV does not know about LKM.
I looked at the MAN page for MAKEDEV and it specifically mentions LKM.

Additionally I have found the correct major device number (17)

So I used mknod to make /dev/lkm.

Now the error during boot changed from=20

'Mppe.o: modload: /dev/lkm: Device not configured'

Mmpe.o: ld: /usr/pkg/lkm/mppe.o: Not enough room for program headers
(allocated 3, need 4)
Ld: finallink failed: Bad value
Modload: can't prelink 'usr/pkg/lkm/mppe.o' creating '/usr/pkg/lkm/mppe'

I haven't found out much about the solution to this problem
(although Google do show I'm not the only one running into it)

Has anyone run into this before or know what I should do?


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Subject: Re: LKM on Cobalt Qube2 (missing /dev/lkm)

> I googled around and found someone with the same problem with a Sun3
> system. He had a patch for the Sun3 MAKDEV script which basically was=20
> this
> + lkm)
> + 	rm -f lkm
> + 	mknod lkm c 72 0
> + 	chown root.kmem lkm
> + 	chmod 640 lkm

i think you want to use a different major number.  on cobalt lkm has
been reserved id 17

i did the same thing as you a while ago.  from memory (and this is
hazy) i did not get beyond modstat not working and gave up.