Subject: RE: Qube 2700
To: '' <>
From: Ray Dekens <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/11/2004 12:23:56
Chris - 
I've got 1.6.2 (beta 4 as the kernel identifies itself)
on a qube 2700-

if you've got somehwere I can put the 90M iso image I'll upload it -
for you - 
is basically the 1.6.12 one with the modded kernels to do the install and
operate via 
a 3com 3c905 card instead of the flaky tulip.
as created by andreas.


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Sent: 09 May 2004 18:27
Subject: Qube 2700

Is there any news on getting netbsd onto the qube 2700. Any news at all.
I'm asking anyone who has successfully done this to reply to this mail.