Subject: PostgreSQL
To: None <>
From: Anthony Cooper <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/05/2004 16:49:18

Now I've had a little free time I've finally got the 1.6.1 restore CD 
to install and boot OK. It was the HD, couldn't get it to boot so I 
swapped it out for an older 6 GB disc, which should be big enough for 
my needs.

Anyway, I've got Apache2 and PHP up and running and would like to have 
a go at PostgreSQL. Is this good idea or am I pushing the hardware a 
little too far?  (I've got 144Mb RAM). I've read that it requires a 
kernel rebuild to go about this. Does anyone have any tips? A install 
guide would be ideal ;-)

Many thanks,