Subject: Re: PHP/Gallery performance.
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From: Werner Reuser <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/14/2004 21:50:37
I still have to find some time to update my raq2 to netbsd 1.6.1, but I do
have the same experience on sun linux...
My raq2 is equipped with 256Mb Ram and a 40Gb Hdd...
About half a year ago I managed to compile a 2.0.x apache, a PHP 4.2.x and
Mysql 4.x on sun linux...
It took me days to fix all compile errors and finally I only succeeded
compiling php static into apache without socket support, gd support and some

But bottomline, I also tried a piece of gallery software on the raq, 4images
( and it's really incredibly slow :(
Same gallery runs on a dual PII400 (512Mb Ram) together with 40 other
virtual domains without any pain...
When I do a page request on the raq and viewing 'top' over ssh it seems that
PHP scripts are the bottleneck...
So I created some PHP test scripts and ran them, PHP is slow, but not that
slow...even mysql queries are running pretty fine...
The only thing I could find that is really really slow is the file
functions...and these functions are used a lot in scripts like gallery and

I'm not sure if this relates to your netbsd install, but I have a feeling it
will be the same problem as on my sun os install...
So good luck, but I think the raq2  cube will never be a kick ass php
machine :(



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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 12:34 PM
Subject: PHP/Gallery performance.

> I know I may be expecting miracles here but I'll ask anyway.
> I've got my Qube2 running with 128Mb RAM and a 120Gb HDD, running NetBSD
> 1.61 (thanks Dennis!), Apache 2, PHP4, Samba3 and Gallery
> ( I'm usually the only user though that may creep
> two or three eventually.
> When I upload some pictures to my Gallery I have a few problems viewing
> again. Basically, it's really slow! It can take a matter of minutes for a
> page with 9 sub-galleries on it to load.
> Now, non-PHP pages take seconds and I can even stream mp3's from the Qube
> without too much issue (using Andromeda:
> but Gallery is a bit of a non-starter. I've tried more basic PHP based
> picture galleries but they are either very feature limited or require
> something like MySQL ...
> Am I expecting too much from the little guy? After all I realise my
> TungstenT3 has a more powerful processor but the Qube2 was originally
> supposed to be able to handle 100 or so users with filesharing /
> / mail / etc right?
> If anyone has any hints, tips, pearls of wisdom I'm certainly all ears!
> Dave F.