Subject: Re: Using restore CDs
To: None <>
From: Anthony Cooper <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/14/2004 11:09:52
I have tried every possible jumper combination I can think of without 
success. Has anyone else had any luck with a Fujitsu drive? What makes 
of drives (and size) have people had sucess with? I notice a lot of 
Western Digital fans on the list. I was thinking of getting a WD 
Protege 40 Gb... as it spins a little slower than a Caviar and I can 
pick one up for GBP 40.


On 13 Apr 2004, at 18:39, wrote:

>> Try removing the jumpers completely. That's the only way I could get 
>> my
>> Western Digital to work.
> I think that's a fix mentioned in the list archives somewhere.  At 
> least, I found it *someplace* right before I switched to a big WD 
> drive in my Qube2.
> I'll bet that that fixes it (or at least, lets you develop to a new 
> problem :)
> B