Subject: Viability of Qube/Raq 2 as production server
To: None <>
From: Andy R <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/10/2004 21:20:34
Hello all. This may end up being a bit of a rambling
set of questions, I apologize in advance.

My main goal (someday) is to replace this noisy
)&$(^$% i386 server I have here, which happens to be
running FreeBSD, with something much quieter. For
performance per dollar, and with the lack of noise
factored in, I'm thinking that these Qube/Raq 2
machines are looking pretty good.

Jobs needed to do are:
o Gateway/router/firewall
o Postgres database server
o MySQL database server (don't ask unless you want a
o Web server
o Samba server with about a hundred gigs shared (I
know I know, not a good idea on a gateway...)
o Possibly some VPN if I ever get around to it
o Small amount of development

It used to run on a P233MMX with 128 megs, now it's on
a (in)famous Abit BP6 with dual Celeron 366s (all I
had available at the time for replacement).

First off, shall I go away and find something else? I
know there are a ton of other options for cheap quiet
machines, but these Cobalts seem to be a good start.

Looking on Ebay, the Qube 2 or Gateway Micros seem to
be really drying up. There are some Raq 2 and 2+
machines out there, but not a heck of a lot. I think
under $200 would be my goal (for the actual machine,
before upgrades if any are possible), but I seem to
rememer Raq 2's going for about $125 but I'm not
seeing them anymore.

The next question is, can I add hard drives to the Raq
machine? I'd like to have at least 2 drives because
part of my disk recovery plan includes backing up each
disk to each other, and then the entire box off to
tape (which takes a while to recover from, hence the
disk backups). Also, how many interfaces do these
things have? One job is firewall/router, among others.
It would be nice to be able to put in a scsi card for
the tape drive, but this is not 100% mandatory.

If anyone can take the time to read all of this
ramble, and sort of decipher what I'm trying to
accomplish, and make some recommendations, I'd really
appreciate it.


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