Subject: Re: Using restore CDs
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From: Anthony Cooper <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/08/2004 11:45:39
Thanks for all the info and advice, this list sure is a friendly place.=20=

I'm moving house over the Easter weekend (4 days in the UK) so don't=20
have time to try anything out at the moment... plus I went to my local=20=

computer shop and got a blank look when asking for a null modem cable,=20=

probably not something they get many requests for in the age of Wi-Fi=20
and USB :-). I'll pick one up next time I go past a PC World or=20


On 7 Apr 2004, at 12:17, Joe Pribele wrote:

> My problem was the boot loader and I only had 16mb of RAM. You have=20
> 128mb it shouldn't be a problem but check it out.
> =A0
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> Subject: Using restore CDs
> Hi,
> Sorry if you have answered this a few times before but I've been=20
> digging around in the archives and haven't found a definitive=20
> answer...
> I purchased a Qube2 off eBay recently. It turned up running Cobalt OS,=20=

> but came with 2 CDs, the Cobalt Restore and NetBSD. I decided to=20
> switch to NetBSD, ran the installer... it got to 'Rebooting...', then=20=

> it just hangs on 'Starting up'. I left it like this for a whole=20
> afternoon incase something was running.
> I have 20Gb HD and 128Mb RAM so hardware shouldn't be a problem.
> I dug throught these lists and various other sites I googled and have=20=

> played around with the HD jumper settings to no avail.
> I don't have much time to fiddle around with the Qube at the moment so=20=

> thought I'd just stick the Cobalt OS back on... but that didn't work=20=

> either... the install starts up and runs through a couple of checks,=20=

> then just restarts and sits at 'Starting up'.
> Thing is, my main machine is a Mac running OS X and I did the install=20=

> using a machine I borrowed from work, which is an intel based SGI=20
> machine, full of weird SCSI parts and components. Seems to run the=20
> NetBSD restore OK but I'm not sure all the drivers load properly for=20=

> the Cobalt restore.
> Any ideas? Right now I'd just settle for a working Qube.
> I have thought of buying a serial cable to check out the output when=20=

> the Qube boots but being a mac user I'm not too sure about terminal=20
> programs on Windows that would be suitable for this.
> TIA,
> Ant