Subject: botched upgrade
To: None <>
From: Mind <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/21/2003 14:32:44
Eeesh... just after getting my qube back online with a
new power supply, I got greedy and decided to go for
1.6.1. I must have botched the upgrade somehow because
now the machine freezes after decompressing the
kernel. I get:

BOOTLOADER ramcode: selected partition /dev/hda1
Decompressing done
Executing bootloader kernel...
Decompressing -- done.

Then nothing else. All I did was untar the new sets to
/ and replace the gziped kernel on the ext2 partition
with the gzipped 1.6.1 kernel. I've mounted the
partitions in another machine and it all looks fine to
me. Any ideas there list?

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