Subject: Welcome to the Port Cobalt
To: None <>
From: John Allan <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/17/2003 22:43:06
Welcome to the Port Cobalt ...

that sounds like somewhere right up on the North West Frontier in Winter.

Hi Shon, Denis and all

[ thanks to you both for the inspiration and help to start on this journey

First time post, I just managed to poke Denis's install CD down some copper
and into a bigger hard drive on my baby Qube 2.

Can anyone point me to a useful Cobalt-BSD for Dummies guide? I am a Mac
Head and I am plowing through Federico Lupi's general guide but it does not
seem to fully apply.

I am a tech but my *NIX experience is pretty much limited to Cobalt Linux ,
pico, pine, very basic, and I cant even get this thing kicking. The editor
is vi in this not pico, right? Is there anything else. [ yup, I am that far
back ] Have DSL so can download ... To be honest, right now I don=B9t even
really know what this install can actually do. I read the archives and it
seems to be quite limited.

Great work though to make it happen. If it helps anyone I had a bit of a
problem getting to install until I used a serial cable connection at the
same time as ethernet. My guess is the PC kept going to sleep but with a
console up and running it ran sweetly. It also helps to know that when it
sits " Starting up ", that means it is running. I thought it had hung.

So anyone got a BSD Qube online doing anything interesting I can look at?