Subject: Re: Qube2 & NetBSD recovery disk.
To: None <>
From: Marcel <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/16/2003 10:50:14
> Being almost a complete NetBSD n00b I've been looking to run the NetBSD
> "recovery" CD provided kindly by Dennis Chernoivanov  but I'm getting an
> error on the console along the lines of "tlp0: sorry, unable to handle
> board" and then a little later "tlp1: sorry, unable to handle your board".
> Now, I've read that this is something to do with the NetBSD Ethernet
> querying the SROM of the Qube and not finding what it expects. I've also
> ready that someone has a "fixed" version of the CD, my question is, can I
> download this from anywhere?
> Many thanks for any/all assistance, thanks also to Dennis Chernoivanov for
> breathing life back into my old Qube2... it was a sad day when, due to
> of disk space, I had to retire it.
> Dave Fisher.

Hi Dave,

I've had those faults when booting a Raq2, it was fixed by dennis with a
"driver hack" .
I have two options for you:

1. I can send you the changed file so you can add that to your iso.
2. I copy the CD (version 1.6P) and send that to your home adress.
3. I can lookup the url where I've downloaded it.

I don't have that much bandwith to upload such a file, and option one and
three can
take at least a day due to an raid array crash where I've lost al my email.
I can recover
it from an older disk, I'll do that tomorrow..

So what do you suggest?