Subject: Qube2 & NetBSD recovery disk.
To: '' <>
From: Fisher, Dave (IBM) <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/16/2003 09:34:40
Being almost a complete NetBSD n00b I've been looking to run the NetBSD
"recovery" CD provided kindly by Dennis Chernoivanov  but I'm getting an
error on the console along the lines of "tlp0: sorry, unable to handle your
board" and then a little later "tlp1: sorry, unable to handle your board".

Now, I've read that this is something to do with the NetBSD Ethernet driver
querying the SROM of the Qube and not finding what it expects. I've also
ready that someone has a "fixed" version of the CD, my question is, can I
download this from anywhere?

Many thanks for any/all assistance, thanks also to Dennis Chernoivanov for
breathing life back into my old Qube2... it was a sad day when, due to lack
of disk space, I had to retire it.

Dave Fisher.