Subject: Qube 2700
To: None <>
From: Ray Dekens <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/16/2003 17:43:42
time for an update on the continuing saga of the 2700WG.
I've been unable to locate anyone who actually has a running 2700 port of
the raq etc is known to run but this does not run on the 2700.

So Dennis C and I have tried an number of kernels, DMA off , console port
dissabled etc.
All to no avail.

During this process I've gotten to the stage of additing the serial
interfacesucessfully to the qube and this allows
action at the bootloader and nomination of differnet kernels etc to be
booted - It doesn't however provide a console to check whats ghoing on.

To this end I've made up a LCD to serial interface which spits everything
sent to the LCD out of a serial port.
Dennis C has built kernels that then send all console output to the LCD.

This was successfully tested last night with the entire console output being
captured on a serial terminal.
It may seem like a long way around but the net result is a qube 2700 with
bootloader control and console output for debugging.

Unfortunately Dennis C is offline for a number of weeks, so progress will
stop temporarily, but at least we now have the required tools to do some
debugging and have  chance at getting it running on the oirginal beasty !!

Anyway for those of you with an original qube - a working port should be
just around the corner.
For those of you with an original cube who are not interested ! donations of
qubes gratefully accepted <grin>

Ray Dekens