Subject: help with two ethernet ports
To: None <>
From: Frank Mattes <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/08/2003 13:12:34
Dear Cobalt Cube user,

as you might know I have some problems to set up the dhclient on my 
cube. The cube had (as most cibes) the cobalt linux installed and was 
connected by the ethernet port 1 to our LAN. At set time he picked up 
the internet address from our dhcp server. I tried with your help now 
the same thing under netBSD 1.6. However so far no success.I looked 
through the dmesg file and noticed that netBsd assigns the MAC 
address / eternet ports just different.
tlp0 had comes up with the MAC address of the port2 under linux and
tlp1 gets the MAC address from port 1 of linux

I think this is the reason why I can;t bring the client to work. 
Connecting the cube to our LAN by the port 2 didn't help either, 
because it looks like that the dhcp request gets only send out by 
port 1.
Because I'm by no mean a netBSD / Unix eppert, I might be wrong, but 
it would be great if someone could confirm my observation.



PS: Setting up the ip / network settings static works - so in a way 
its only a cosmetic problem