Subject: RE: NetBSD on Qube from FreeBSD?
To: , <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/27/2003 13:09:50
Hi Phil,

Much easier then this.

Go here and get the ISO bootable CD file:

1. Burn the ISO to CD.
2. Boot the CD in an i386 machine.
3. Netboot the cobalt (hold Left and Right buttons together when 
powering on - status will read "Net Booting")
4. Telnet to the machine, away you go, follow the FAQ. Prepare to do the
disk partitioning several times if you've never done a BSD install
before - 
keep the NetBSD Guide handy for tips.

When the Cobalt reboot you can telnet or rlogin into it at the IP from the i386 computer you use to setup the cobalt.

I love this way. From that to finish, I get a cobalt up an running in 10
minutes and the fun part of it is that you can even enjoy a beer as the
system works for you! (:>

The first time I did the serial cable, it took me three days. In all
fairness, it was also because I never touch a NetBSD box in my life
before, so it wasn't because of the FAQ. If you read them well, it is
all there, but if you are not familiar with the stuff like I was, I
waisted some time, but that was my doing.

Try the CD and you will love it.

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> Subject: NetBSD on Qube from FreeBSD?
> Hello,
> I've just got myself a qube 2 and want to put NetBSD on to run IP
> and
> maybe some file serving. I've never used NetBSD in my life. I have
> some
> time reading up on how to get NetBSD onto the qube, but want to check
> before I
> start. Basically *really* don't want to have to mess around taking the
> disk in
> and out of different machines. The FAQ indicates that it is possible
> install
> remotely without a serial interface, so that's what I want to do. I
> I want
> to netboot from the freebsd box. The FAQ is helpful, but whee do I get
> kernel
> which the thing can netboot. I'd really like to be able to compile
> on my
> freebsd box as I have the feeling it will go about a hundred times
> but
> is this possible and where can I find out how? Also where do I get the
> source
> files for the kernel to compile it. I downloaded the kernel file
> linked
> to recently which should work for the netboot, but what about the
> to
> install onto the system?
> Any help is gratefully received as I really want to get it working,
> I'm
> willing to read any doco if you can give me some pointers.
> Thanks
> Phil
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