Subject: Re: mrtg on RaQ2
To: None <>
From: Jake Baillie <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/14/2003 10:44:36
At 08:28 PM 2/13/2003 -0800, Bob wrote:


>** The GD library is required for rateup to compile.
>    Get it from, compile it and
>    use either --with-gd-lib=DIR and --with-gd-inc=DIR to specify
>    its location. You might also have to use --with-z-inc, --with-z-lib
>    and --with-png-inc, --with-png-lib for gd versions 1.6 and higher.
>    Check config.log for more information on the problem. If your system
>    has libgd installed, you probably mis the gd.h header file.
>    Consider following the instructions in doc/unix-guide.txt
>*** Error code 1
>These are both common problems I have seen in the mail archives, but I have
>not seen a solution for the cobalt or mipsel platform.

I'll take a stab. *firing up SSH*

[root@enid:~] # cd /usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg

[root@enid:/usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg] # cvs update
(cvs updates just fine)

[root@enid:/usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg] # make
(gets mrtg, gd-libs, and libfreetype)
(builds libfreetype just fine)
(builds gd just fine)
(builds mrtg just fine)

[root@enid:/usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg] # make install
(installs fine)

Try doing a cvs update, on the MRTG port. Make sure you do a make clean first.

Hope this helps!

-- Jake