Subject: Re: Problems with Raq2 installation
To: None <>
From: Doug Silver <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/30/2003 14:27:13
On Wednesday 29 January 2003 11:19 am, Jake Baillie wrote:
> At 03:58 PM 1/29/2003 +1300, Matthew Luckie wrote:
> > > Thanks for the quick response.  Since I'm *new* at this, what would=
> > > the next few steps to using that iso? :)
> >
> >burn it to cd and then boot from it on an i386 machine
> Right:
> 1. Burn the ISO to CD.
> 2. Boot the CD in an i386 machine.
> 3. Netboot the cobalt (hold Left and Right buttons together when poweri=
> on - status will read "Net Booting")
> 4. Telnet to the machine, away you go, follow the FAQ. Prepare to do th=
> disk partitioning several times if you've never done a BSD install befo=
re -
> keep the NetBSD Guide handy for tips.
> Let us know if it works!

It was even easier than that.  The cd is similar to the Cobalt restore cd=
that you just use a cross-connect to the server you want to install NetBS=
onto.  It formatted everything, and if I had put the real cable back on i=
it probably would have rebooted properly.  This was *really* slick.  My o=
suggestion is for on the cd instructions to explain what is going to happ=
en. =20
I wasn't sure when it said 'Press q for login' that was not going to let =
login on the installation server or scroll back over the instructions. =20
However, the fact that the LCD on the raq2 quickly told me what steps it =
on was enough for me to go to lunch and see it finish in ~10 minutes!

Kudos to everyone who worked on that.

Thanks for the help.