Subject: Re: To Qube, Or Not To Qube
To: None <>
From: Mind <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/06/2002 01:59:27
Guys, Thanks for all the great replies. I'm very
encouraged after hearing all of this info. I'm going
to go with a 120 gig WD drive. I do have a recovery
CD. Perhaps that's the easiest way to get the process

I'll post my progress to the list. I may try to wedge
in 2 drives. I'm not adverse to using duct tape..
240gigs would be sweet ;)

Anyway, thanks again.


--- Mind <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm looking for solution to some home storage
> problems. The problem is, I need more storage! So
> I'm
> faced with this Dilemma... Should I dust off my Qube
> 2
> and shoehorn a big (80+) gig drive into it, and use
> it
> as a server? Or should I bite the bullet and
> buy/build
> some sort of NAS box.
> On the technical side, My questions are: 
> What is the maximum drive capacity the Qube 2 will
> support? What's the biggest drive anyone has
> successfully used? Has anyone used two drives? Are
> there heat/power issues with bigger 7200 RPM drives?
> Ideally, I'd love to put 2 Western Digital 120 Gig
> 7200 RPM drives in the Qube and use software Raid 0
> and Samba. But I'm not sure the qube will handle it
> for many reasons. But I'll settle for 80 gigs if I
> have to.
> Has anyone out there turned a Qube 2 into a usable
> mass storage system? This is for my home network, so
> the Qube is ideal because it's quite and it looks
> cool. So it comes down it practicality.
> Tell me your expierences. Any info will help.
> Thanks!
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