Subject: 1.6 installation via Hard Disk swap
To: None <port-cobalt@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/04/2002 20:29:28

I read the FAQ and try to
setup my Cobalt server with it, but the kernel that would be available
for NFS boot at: go dead from
the Link.

So, I am thinking of copying all the files I need on the Hard Drive that
I would install on a different workstation and after all the files are
copied, I would then put the drive back in my Cobalt RaQ2. I have been
looking and searching on google for HowTo to do this, but so far I
haven't find the information that would allow me to successfully do it
yet. I saw some reference (question) in the FAQ about that, but no
suggestions, or solutions. I have about 12 of these Cobalts that I would
love to remove Linux from, but so far, it's still only a project as I
wasn't able to do it yet. I also read the posting from " Andrew Gillham
" refered in the FAQ, but it didn't help me as I can't remote boot the
Cobalt yet.

So, I think now the easiest for me is simply to put the drive in a
different BSD workstation and do what ever need to be done to get it up
and running. After I do it once, it really should be really quick to do
all the 11 others.

Any help, specially useful URL to example would be more then welcome if
I can abuse of your time a bit.

I really appreciate any answer send my way.

Thanks in advance.